WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

SureFire King Kong Mod, Polished Copper 26650

Vendor: SureFire
SureFire King Kong Mod Overview For those looking for premium vape mods, then this is the perfect piece for you. The Surefire King Kong mod is one of the best-looking mods...


$ 99.00

SureFire King Kong Mod Overview

For those looking for premium vape mods, then this is the perfect piece for you. The Surefire King Kong mod is one of the best-looking mods you’ll find with lovely engraving, air vent holes and a ton of features and benefits you’re sure to love. For those who want vaping to be an experience and want to really show off their best mods, this is the best one for you.

The King Kong brand is known for making spectacular mods that function as well as they look, and they take their aesthetics seriously. The 26650 polished copper mod has an all copper body that has been buffed and polished so that it shines and has mirror-like reflection. For those who love that copper color, this is ideal. It also has their logo engraved on the front, which just looks awesome.

The all copper construction does more than just look good. Copper is known as a highly conductive metal that properly transmit energy and heat, ensuring you get a hard, strong hit each and every time. This also ensures that the metal is durable against the radiant heat from vaping. Copper is strong in general, so it can take a good deal of punishment before breaking, so expect this vape to last for years.

Another feature that helps both durability and conductivity are the air vents holes near the end of the mod. These holes improve battery venting so that it doesn’t get too hot and this ensures you get a strong hit each time. Not only that, but the vent holes really add to the aesthetic and elevate the design to a whole new level.

Worried about which atomizers you can use? The Surefire King Kong vape mod has a standard 510 threading that will fit just about every atomizer out there. There are only a handful of atomizers that don’t take this, so you’ll be able to use this mod whenever you want. It also has a reverse threaded locking band. This will lock and unlock the firing button. It works well and looks great.

The Surefire King Kong brand takes its mods very seriously and they want you to know that you got a real, legitimate unit from them. Each mod has been serialized and comes with a unique certificate of authenticity card. As another small bonus, this brand is proudly made in the USA, so you’re supporting a local industry that produces premium goods.

SureFire King Kong Mod Features

  • Perfectly designed mod with engraved logo and aesthetically pleasing air vents
  • Strong unit with an all copper construction for hard hits every time
  • Polished copper that looks great and has a strong shine
  • Durable construction that will last for years

SureFire King Kong Mod Specifications

  • Heavy Duty 26650 Mechanical Mod
  • All Copper Construction
  • Maximum conductivity throughout the mod due to all copper construction
  • Air vent holes around the tube for battery venting
  • 510 threading to fit all the atomizers
  • Reverse threaded locking band to lock/unlock firing button
  • Certificate of Authenticity Card Included
  • Beautifully Engraved with All New King Kong Logo
  • Serialized
  • Made In USA

If you want a beautiful mod that looks great and functions at the top of its class, then you’ll love the Surefire King Kong vape mod. It’s a wonderful mod that you’ll get lots of use out of and it will last a long time, no matter how much you use it.

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