WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

MVP Triquetra

Vendor: MVP
Features:- Made in the Philippines- Manufactured by MVP- Copper 26650 body diameter: 29mm- Brass 18650 body diameter: 22mm- Brass top cap- Brass bottom cap- Adjustable delrin firing pin insulator- Copper...


$ 260.00

- Made in the Philippines
- Manufactured by MVP
- Copper 26650 body diameter: 29mm
- Brass 18650 body diameter: 22mm
- Brass top cap
- Brass bottom cap
- Adjustable delrin firing pin insulator
- Copper locking ring
- Floating telescopic copper positive pin
- Brass negative solid pin
- Spring switch
- Free SS hybrid connector
- Serial numbered on the bottom button
- Engraved logo on the copper 26650 tube
- Laser engraved brass 18650 tube and bottom cap
- 26650 mod using a 26650 battery
- 26650 mod using an 18650 battery
- 26650 mod that can transform into a brass 18650 mod

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