WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650

Vendor: Blue Tongue
Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 Overview Are you looking for a beautiful mod that imbues a sense of elegance? The Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 is the one for you....


$ 50.00
Golden Campor

Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 Overview

Are you looking for a beautiful mod that imbues a sense of elegance? The Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 is the one for you. This mechanical mod features a lightweight stainless-steel tube with thin slices of wood wrapped around it. The Woody 18650 features a Gecko logo, which gives a nod to where the mod is produced: Melbourne, Australia. The wood at the bottom of the mod features the printed Gecko logo.

This great performing mod offers many benefits found in more expensive mechanical mods, including a soft touch magnetic spring. The switch has two opposing magnets that give it a smooth gliding button. The firing button is on the bottom of the Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650. The button is slightly recessed to avoid accidental firing. Furthermore, the recessed button allows the mod to sit flush without worrying about tipping over or misfiring.

The adjustable top cap allows you to tighten the atomizer onto the mod. It also contains an adjustable pin that allows you to tighten the battery terminal to prevent battery movement. The designers of the Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 mechanical mod thought of every detail.

The top and bottom cap use M20x1 threading for a nice, smooth tightening. Hybrid adapters will thread perfectly on this mod. The mod uses a 18650 battery, which ensures a long vaping experience without the need for recharging.

The stabilized woodgrain features a glossy CA coating. The SUS stainless steel glistens and catches the light to create a beautiful finish. The top and bottom caps are silver plated for a stunning appearance that goes nicely with the woodgrain finish. Although the finish is glossy, it is never slippery.

The Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 is very lightweight and fits perfectly in your hand. It is well-balanced to help prevent hand fatigue. This mechanical mod weighs a sheer 75 grams. It is 23mm wide and 89 mm tall, making it the perfect size to drop in your pocket and go.

The battery compartment has vent holes to avoid overheating and battery damage. The copper battery contacts help to prevent voltage drop and ensure a nice full hit each time you use it.

The Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 is available in a number of woodgrains, which means you can find the perfect one for your unique taste.


If you are looking for a beautiful mechanical mod that is powerful, yet delivers a nice hit, look no further than the Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Blue Tongue Mods have thought of everything in this mod. The magnetic switch is firm enough to avoid misfiring, yet soft enough to use your pinky to depress the button. The woodgrain with its C.A. finish pairs beautifully with its SUS stainless steel. Weighing 75 grams, this mechanical mod will be one that you keep reaching for time and time again. Order today to see the difference of a wood veneer top quality mechanical mod.

Blue Tongue Mods Woody 18650 Features:

  • Designed and Made in Melbourne, Australia.
  • Wood Veneered Mod. 23mm diameter. Copper Contacts. Copper 510 telescopic pin. Magnetic Switch.
  • Logo now printed onto the wood.
  • A new stronger clear C.A. Finish.
  • Threading is M20 x 1 and hybrid adapters with this threading will fit fine.
  • Material: SUS and Wood Veneer
  • Finish: Semi Polished
  • Total Height 18650 mode: 89mm
  • Width: 23mm
  • Weight: 18650 - 75g
  • Battery: 18650
  • Threading: M20 x 1

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