WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Bay City Vapor XXIX Mod

Vendor: Bay City Vapor
Bay City Vapor XXIX Overview The Bay City Vapor XXIX mod is one of the best copper vape mods on the market with a ton of benefits and a great, simple...


$ 99.00

Bay City Vapor XXIX Overview

The Bay City Vapor XXIX mod is one of the best copper vape mods on the market with a ton of benefits and a great, simple design that works well with any unit. Copper mods are great overall because they hold heat very well, allow for hard hits that let you truly enjoy your vape juice, and they have a unique color that many people love. While steel is more durable, copper has some amazing benefits that you’ll definitely enjoy.

One of the first things you’ll notice is how small this mod is, but that’s a good thing. For those who are tired of large, clunky mods, you’ll love how small and discrete the Bay City Vapor XXIX mod is. It’s just 22mm, which is hardly bigger than a 30ml bottle of vape juice. This makes it easy to carry around in your pocket, a carrying case or anywhere else. It’s ideal for those who want to maximize space.

However, don’t let size of the copper XXIX mod fool you because this is also a very strong unit with hard hits. With a strong 18650 battery, you’ll find this delivers strong, smooth hits of your favorite vape juice. It has a hybrid 510 connector, which connects directly to the battery and results in a minimal drop in power and voltage. This is huge because most mods drain significant power, but not this one. This ensures you get the full strength of the 18650 battery for each puff.

    Connecting this to your atomizer is incredibly simple. As long as it takes 18650-type connectors, then you just have to slip it on and you’re good to go. You’ll have this on your atomizer within seconds, and soon you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite vape juice. This mod is all about simplicity and functionality. Not only does it deliver a lot of power, but it’s very easy to use and doesn’t add any unnecessary features.

    The Bay City Vapor XXIX has a magnetic switch that is durable and won’t give you any problems. These switches are among the best because they last a long time, are significantly better than ordinary spring buttons and they just feel good against the finger.

    Another great thing about this mod is that it’s completely made from copper. It's not copper plated or only partially copper. The whole body is made from copper, which shows you that they haven’t cut any corners or created a subpar product. This is the real deal and it’s a great mod to have in your collection.

    Bay City Vapor XXIX Features

    • Full copper construction that is durable, strong and able to last for many years
    • A small, discrete size of just 22mm, just slightly bigger than most vape juice bottles
    • Uses the common yet strong 18650 battery, able to deliver strong hits without draining too much power
    • Fast atomizer connector that taps right into the unit itself, very simple and easy

      Bay City Vapor XXIX Specifications

      • Tube size: 22mm
      • Tube thread: M20X1
      • Tube size: 18650
      • Bottom negative contact: 101 Copper.
      • Top positive contact: None. Direct atomizer to battery connection.

      For anyone who loves a good, hard hit from their vape and loves the color and benefits of copper, you’ll find that the Bay City Vapor XXIX mod is a great one for your collection. It’s small, easy to use and very powerful.

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