WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Vaping Glossary & Terminology

vaping glossary and terminology

E-Cigarette Glossary of Vaping Terms

If you're just getting into vaping or you're starting to take it more seriously, it can be incredibly confusing with all of the terms and phrases that are exclusively used in this industry. You'll find that there are many words seasoned vapers use casually that mean very specific things. It certainly helps to familiarize yourself with most of these terms and learn more as you go down the proverbial rabbit hole which is why we put together this vaping glossary.


26650 - type of batteries that are typically used for sub-ohm vaping. These batteries have larger cathodes/anodes than traditional batteries, making them less vulnerable to thermal runaway.

306 - an e-cigarette style that uses a low resistance 510 threaded atomizer.

510 - this is the most popular e-cigarette style of threading that is also referred to as the “male thread.”

808 - a threading style that’s typically used in Halo tanks.

901 - an older type of threading style that is also referred to as the “female thread.” However, it does not work with 501 threading.


Adapter - this is a threaded connecting device that allows a certain atomizer to be used with certain type of batteries to optimize vapor and flavor production as well lengthen battery life. The industry standard for adapters right now is 510 threading.

ADV (All Day Vape) - refers to a kind of e-juice designed for vaping all day without tiring of the same flavor.

Aerosol - the scientific term for “vapor.”

Analog - collectively describes most types of combustible cigarettes.

APV (advanced personal vaporizers) - modified e-cigarettes which are typically larger and have better batteries. APVs sport numerous advanced features not found in ego-style e-cigarettes such as airflow adjustments and variable wattage/voltage.

Atomizer / Atty - the part of the e-cigarette that contains the coils and wicks, often screwed inside the tank. The atomizer is responsible for heating the e-liquid and turning it into vapor.

Automatic - a type of button-less vaporizer which is activated just by the act of inhaling. This device is designed to mimic the habit of cigarette smoking.


Battery - this is the part of the vaporizer that provides power to heat up the e-liquid. Depending on the device, the battery may be disposable or rechargeable, while others may have additional features like automatic shut off and sensors.

BCC (bottom coil clearomizer) - a type of clearomizer where the atomizer is situated at the bottom end of the device.

BDC (bottom dual coil) - similar set up with that of BCC, but BDC uses two coils that are wired together, located at the bottom of the device.

Blanks - clearomizers or cartridges that are empty and are yet to be filled with e-liquid by the vaper.

Boxies - a group of vapers who use and prefer box mods.

Box Mod - homemade or commercial type of vaporizers that come in boxed shapes. Box mods are more powerful and larger than tube vaporizers and can also be customized to fit the needs of the vapor.

Bridge - the stainless steel wire mesh component in a regular atomizer which directs the juice for wicking.

BVC (bottom vertical coil clearomizer) - a type of BCC where the coil is installed in a vertical position.


Cartridge - commonly found in older generation of e-cigarettes, the cartridge is the plastic or metal tube that contains the e-liquid. Cartridges are connected with the atomizers and are often pre-filled with e-liquid.

Cartomizer - disposable type of cartridge and atomizer combo which contains the e-liquid.

Cigalike - smaller types of e-cigarette that resemble the look and feel of analog cigarettes.

Clearomizer - a type of transparent cartomizer which holds the e-liquid. Clearomizers are often made of glass or plastic and can hold anywhere between 1-6 ml of e-juice.

Cloud - term used to describe exhaled vapor.

Cloud chasing - refers to the event where vapers aim to blow the biggest and densest cloud. In vaping, cloud chasing is considered as a sport where users generally use low resistance devices (sub ohm) to make huge clouds.

Coil - a specific wire material (kanthal, nickel or titanium) that is formed into a coil shape and placed inside the atomizer to heat up the e-liquid.

Custom mod - these are customized vaporizers that are handmade and are uniquely built so they cannot be purchased commercially typically.


De-bridge - the act or event of taking out the bridge off the atomizer. This is commonly performed for direct dripping.

Deck - the positive and negative post components of an atomizer.

De-wick - the act or event of taking the wick out from the atomizer.

Disposable e-cigs - e-cigarettes that are designed to be disposed of once juice or battery runs out and the device is no longer useful.

Doubler - an e-juice that is twice its typical strength, used to mix/dilute in order to achieve the vaper’s preferred taste.

Drip tip - a type of mouthpiece that allows for dripping the juice right into the tank without removing the entire mouthpiece from the clearomizer.

Dry burn - the method of firing the vaporizer on without any e-liquid. This often results to an unappealing sensation, but is also sometimes performed to remove leftover e-liquid.

Dry hit - the sensation a vaper gets when vaping with just a small amount of e-liquid left on the tank. The sensation is the result of the wick burning or close to burning and signals the need for replacement.


E-cigarette - an alternative term for vaping devices. An e-cigarette is an electronic cigarette where a battery powers up the heating elements inside the atomizer, turning the e-liquid into vapor.

E-liquid - the liquid element in vaping that carries flavor and quality of vapor. The e-liquid is absorbed by the wick and heated by the coils turning into a flavored vapor.

eGo - a style of e-cigarette classified under second generation. eGo style cigarettes came after the generation of cigalikes and are larger, have better batteries and carry limited features.


Flavor chasers - term used to describe vapers who prefer flavor in their vaping experience.

Flooding - the event wherein there is too much e-liquid inside the atomizer, often characterized by poor vapor and noise during vaping.

First generation e-cigarettes - the first release of electronic cigarettes, the cigalikes, which were slimmer, disposable, and had very few features. The first generation e-cigarettes were the closest to analog cigarettes in terms of look and feel.

Filler material - shortly known as just the filler, this is the absorbent material placed inside the cartridge to keep the e-liquid from flooding the heating elements.


Genesis - a type of RBA that makes use of stainless mesh instead of the conventional cotton wicking.

Glassomizer - a type of clearomizer that is made of pyrex glass.

GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) - a type of FDA classification which ensures the product’s safe use.


Heat steeping - the process of steeping an e-juice by placing into a warm water bath or exposing to heat source.

High resistance - an atomizer which has higher Ohm rating than traditional vaporizers, allowing the user to apply higher voltage to the coils.

High Voltage - a vaporizer with higher than standard voltage, resulting to warmer vapor.

Hot Spot - the spot in an atomizer where heat is not distributed evenly, resulting to areas that glow and are hotter than others. This often lead to dry hits.

Hybrid - e-cigarettes where the atomizer and battery are held by a single holder so it looks straight-forward and seamless.



Juice - an alternative term for e-liquid.



LED (Light emitting diode) - this is the light often situated at the end of a vaporizer, often used to signal the status of the device (such as when battery is running out).

Leaking - takes place when there’s too much e-juice that the liquid leaks into the vent holes and batteries. Leaking has the potential to damage your device or cause a shortage.

Low Resistance - an atomizer with lower than standard Ohm rating, typically 1.5 Ohms or lower. This allows the user to produce more vapor but may also put strain to the batteries.

Lung Hit - a type of hit wherein the vapor takes slow drags and brings the vapor directly into the lungs instead of in the mouth.


mAH - measurement for power output, short for milliamp per hour.

Manual - a vaporizer equipped with a power button that activates and deactivates the heating element.

Mechanical mod - a type of vaporizer that doesn’t have any wire. Mech mods are simply composed of a mechanical switch and battery . Mech mods don’t have safety regulators and can get highly dangerous to inexperienced vapers.

Mini - a style of electronic cigarette that’s just about the same size as analog cigarettes.

Mod - a generic term for any vaporizer that has been modified and takes on a customized build. Mod is now also being referred to any modified e-cig that is not cigalike, and carries features like temperature control, airflow adjustment, variable voltage/wattage, and so much more.

Mouth to Lung Hit - type of hit often associated with high resistance vaporizers and simulates the same hit with analog cigarettes.

Mouthpiece - the part of the vaporizer the user inhales from .


Nicotine - this is the addictive substance that’s found in both analog and electronic cigarettes.

NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) - these are batteries with no Cadmium. NiMH batteries do not have memory effect so they can be charged or removed from the plug any time without affecting the overall life of the battery.

Noob - a person who is new to vaping.


Ohm - this is the standard unit used to measure electrical resistance. Lower Ohm resistance means the device heats up faster.

Organic Cotton - this a wicking material that’s fast becoming popular among rebuildable devices. Organic cotton provides excellent flavors despite the fact that it burns quicker than traditional silica.


Passthrough - a type of vaporizer which can be plugged directly into a USB port and be used while charging without the risks of cutting the battery life short. There are also passthrough models of vaporizers which do not contain batteries but can continuously be used while plugged to a power bank, wall adaptor, or the computer.

Pen Style - an older generation of vaporizer that looks like a pen.

Personal Charging Case (PCC) - this is a portable charger which the user can take anywhere and allow him to charge the vaporizer any time.

Personal Vaporizer (PV) - another term for electronic cigarette.

Pipe Style - a type of vaporizer which looks like a pipe.

Priming - the process of conditioning the new coils before its first use. Priming is also done before vaporizers are shipped or stored.

Propylene Glycol (PG) - one of the two most important components in making an e-juice. PG is responsible for the juice’s intensity of flavors.


RBA (rebuildable atomizer) - type of atomizer which you can build and customize by building your own coils.

RDA (rebuildable dripping atomizer) - also called the dripper, RDA allows you to directly drip the e-liquid into the coils for a better vapor and intense flavor.

RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer) - closely similar to the set up of an RBA except for the presence of tank in the device.

Resistance - refers to the amount of resistance the coil has. Lower resistance means better flavor and vapor but more demanding on the batteries.

Resistance Wire - this is the generic term for wires used in building coils. Resistance wires are often kanthal or nichrome.


Standard resistance - refers to resistances between 2.2 and 4.2 ohms.

Starter kit - a complete set of vaping components - batteries, clearomizer, and charger - required for a new user to begin vaping.

Stealth vaping - the act of attempting to hide clouds while vaping.

Steel mesh - a type of material used as wick.

Steeping - the act of conditioning the e-juice by alternately exposing it to open air and sealing in order to increase the intensity of flavors.

Sub ohm - a style of vaping wherein lower resistance, typically 0.5 ohm or lower is used. It aims to provide bigger clouds and more intense flavors to the user.

Sweet spot - refers to the point when a vaper reaches the perfect setting after tinkering with the vaporizer’s wattage, voltage, and other features so that flavor and vapor are perfected to his/her preference.


Tank - another term for a clearomizer although tanks generally have bigger e-liquid capacity than standard clearomizers.

Temperature control - this is an advanced technology in vaporizers that lets the user set the temperature for the device instead of the true wattage or voltage.

Thermal runaway - a rare but potentially dangerous occurrence where a series of events lead to the simultaneous explosion of rechargeable lithium batteries. Thermal runaway can occur due to many reasons including shortage, overcharging, and battery stacking.

Throat hit - the sensation produced by the vaporizer when the vapor hits the user’s throat.

Tobacco Harm Reduction (THR) - refers to the effort of reducing the harmful effects incurred by tobacco products and where most of the arguments for using electronic cigarettes lie.

Tube Mod - refers to the style of vaporizers that take the form of a tube, typically just the size of a small flashlight.


Unregulated Mod - a loose term also used to describe mechanical mods due to the fact that mech mods don’t contain regulatory features.

Unprotected Battery - these are batteries that don’t come with protection. They may either be chemically-safe or be prone to leakages if not properly charged.


Vaporizer - another term for any vaping device.

Vapor - alternative term for the clouds produced by vaping

Vegetable glycerin (VG) - one of the components of e-juice responsible in creating vapor.

Variable voltage - dial or feature in the vaporizer used to adjust the voltage of the device.

Variable wattage - dial or feature in the vaporizer used to adjust the wattage of the device.


Wick - this is the material used to absorb the e-liquid before it is heated by the coils. Common wicking materials include cotton, stainless steel mesh, and silica.

Wire - this is the generic term for resistance wires used to build coils.

Wrap - this refers to the number of wraps of the resistance wire when building coils. Generally, coils with higher number of wraps have higher resistances.




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