Vape Mods

What is a Vape Mod?

Many vapers start off with the cig-alike brands (“gas station brands”) of electronic cigarettes, but after a while they decide to come to us looking to upgrade to something a little bigger and better.

What they are looking for is a Mod, which comes with more power, range of features, customizable options, and can produce more vapor and flavor.

Vape Mods are larger, more powerful, more versatile, and higher-end electronic cigarettes.

It is important to mention that the word “mod” usually refers to the actual vaping device itself and not the atomizer, tank, or drip tip.

There are two major variations of the word "Mod": Mechanical Mods (Mech Mods) and Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage Mods (VV/VW).

The History

Mods were created as an alternative to the standard cigarette sized e-cigarettes on the market today that are usually known for being disposable. While these standard devices are great at making you feel like you are smoking cigarettes, they may leave you feeling like something is missing in the performance department.

By creating their own e-cigarette modifications, e-cig modders were able to use replaceable and rechargable batteries that offered much more battery life and performance.

Today's vape mods come in all shapes and sizes, voltages, colors, and types. The market has substantially grown from the point of people making their own e-cigarettes in their garages. Today, companies such as Kangertech, Aspire, and Joyetech are building and selling devices that are safe and high-tech. Prices and styles range from inexpensive, mass-produced, variable voltage eGos to one-of-a-kind, handcrafted mechanical mods that can run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

What is a Mechanical (Mech) Mod?

A mechanical vape mod is simply an electronic cigarette that has no electronic switches, regulators or chips. It works purely on mechanical connections and is powered by a standard voltage battery that is used internally. Most mechanical mods are CNS lathed tubes and switches created out of stainless steel or copper. One of the main benefits of a mechanical mod is due to the materials used and lack of electrical parts, if properly maintained and cared for, they can last for years.

Mechanical mods have a basic design structure that looks to be more of a flashlight than that of a real cigarette. They are usually larger and heavier in size, as well as more durable than your standard e-cigarette. When pairing one of these with the right atomizer, Mechanical Mods can produce thick clouds of vapor that other e-cigs simply don’t have the power capacity to do. Mechanical mods have been growing in popularity at an amazing rate and have created a unique, artistic culture with one of kind models.

What is a Variable Voltage Mod?

VV/VW (variable voltage / variable wattage) mods are kind of  “smart” electronic cigarette devices. These E-cig devices commonly come with cool features like LCD screens that show the battery level, amount of puffs taken as well as voltage/wattage output… and a few, like the Joyetech eVic-VT, even feature upgradeable firmware and software to connect to your computer so you can upload all the information and visualize it on your PC.


These devices allow the vape user to adjust the voltage and wattage to their liking, changing the quality and intensity of the vapor to their preference. Devices like the Joyetech eVic-VT have an atomizer reading feature that will automatically set the wattage and voltage to the recommended setting for the Ohm level on your current atomizer build. This helps with taking some of the guess work out of finding the “sweet spot”.


Paragon V3


The Paragon V3 features aluminum/carbon fiber wrapped copper tubing,a two tone finish, silver plated contacts, recessed spring button and a matching drip tip included.Takes 18650 battery only - Made in USA.

Check it out!

SmokTech Fury-S

SmokTech Fury-S

The Fury-S features a fully-magnetic fire button ,a smart-lock system that locks the fire button when not in use. The High-quality stainless steel design with vents in tube allows for heat to escape. It also comes with two magnetic switch plates, a 510 connection.Ouput voltage 3.7V-4.2V. Uses 18650 battery (Sold separately)

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DKX Technologies Xato

DKX Technologies Xato

Features: 95% Red Copper 18650 and 18350 tube. Recessed firing mechanism. Copper contacts (Positive and Negative). CNC Milling engrave ( Xato 26 logo will be used in Xat 18650). Adjustable Positive and Negative pins (Single adjustments for batteries). One of its kind firing mechanism.

Check it out!

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