The Bismark Giveaway

The Bismark Grand by the guild of modders is a high end, stabilized wood, custom box mod made in the Philippines. It has an exposed tube, ergonomic contour, and a hybrid honeycomb box elder with an unique top and bottom cap wood inlay.

This beautiful device uses a Yihi Sx350j chip (Version 2) as well as a single 26650 battery. The 26650 battery mod is one of the most popular vaping setups, providing a blast of power with an extended battery life.

  • 26650 / 75watts
  • Yihi Sx350j chip Version 2.
  • HE Wood – Hybrid / Honeycomb / Triple Dye / Box Elder.
  • Unique Top Cap with Wood Inlay
  • Unique Bottom Cap with Wood Inlay
  • Exposed Tube
  • Ergonomic Contour
Sub Specifications
  • Adjustable Battery Cap and 510 Pin
  • Copper Contacts
  • SS 304
  • Non-visible screws on plate
  • Coin screw battery cap

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