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Teleos eliquids and vape juices

About Teleos Juice

There are very few eLiquid companies that are more meticulous and dedicated to crafting complete eLiquid flavor experiences than Teleos Juice. Each ridiculously nuanced and unique flavor is the brainchild of two people that refuse to rush new flavor profiles.

When most eLiquid manufacturers push a new flavor to market, Teleos is just getting started. They take their time testing how their eLiquids taste at various power levels and end up scrapping more flavors than they keep. Their no compromise approach to achieving the pinnacle of taste is on display in every bottle that flies off the shelf. Vape stores across the country have trouble keeping these award winning, taste bud blasting eLiquids in stock.

Teleos sources only the highest quality, US made ingredients. If you haven’t checked out Teleos’ phenomenal flavor profiles, you owe it to your taste buds to try them all.

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Our Favorite Teleos eLiquids

Teleos Crunch eLiquid


Reminiscent of a certain seafaring crunchy Captain, Teleos’ Crunch eLiquid is of those flavor profiles that you can’t help, but get excited about. This dulcet fusion of berry and sweet creamy milk is childhood nostalgia in every cloud.

Crunch is an homage to that delectable Saturday morning ritual and the legendary marshmallow-laden krispy treats Mom used to make. The sweet flavor of berry showered by milk finishes in a creamy mouth feel that will leave you craving more.

Check it out!

teleos milk vape juice


As a love letter to Momofuku Milk Bar, Teleos cranks the flavor scale past 11 with The Milk.

For those who don't know, Momofuku's signature drink is a mad concoction of milk, Fruity Pebbles, and a dash of secret ingredients that ends up making liquid heaven. Teleos has captured this tantalizing deliciousness and packaged it for your vaping pleasure.

If you've been wanting to try out a smooth, fruity cereal eLiquid, look no further than The Milk.

Check it out!

teleos chewy vape juice


This isn't your grandmother's bland probiotic yogurt and it's definitely not your radical buddy Chad's electric green yogurt he takes on the go.

Teleos' Chewy eLiquid is a reminder of the 1990s, all up in your face sweet yogurt smashed together with those absurdly decadent and delicious cereal bars you can't help but buy by the truckload.

This flavor profile has the smooth taste of yogurt and the satisfying crunch of granola underpinned by notes of sweet strawberry.

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Teleos eight bells vape juice


Eight Bells is for those who appreciate not only a delicious flavor, but a pleasant aroma as well. Each cloud will remind you of the finest pipe tobacco and s'mores that have been dunked in whipped cream.

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teleos pound cake vape juice


This pound cake juice has all the things you love. Tons of fluffy cake, sweet frosting, and just a pinch of lemon. The only difference is that Teleos cooked this one in a lab so there isn't all that extra "guilt" & "self-loathing". You're welcome.

Check it out!

teleos nightfall vape juice


Nightfall is an exquisitely complex flavor profile that slowly reveals itself to you with each new cloud. What tastes of White Grape and Cateloupe at first blush will blossom into new notes to keep your tongue guessing what comes next.

Check it out!

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