WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

Hickory Creek Vape Shop

Hickory Creek Vape Shop - Vaporescence

Premium Vape Shop in Hickory Creek

Have a craving? We've got you covered!

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your vape mod or you want to try out a new eLiquid flavor, swing by our Hickory Creek vape shop location and we’ll take good care of you.

At Vaporescence, we are completely dedicated to helping you craft the vaping experience you know and love. We don’t touch that cheap, off-brand nonsense from overseas. We stock only the best vape supplies and eLiquids from the most trusted brands like Kanger, Teleos, Joyetech, and Aspire so you can vape safely with quality vaping products.

We also carry an enormous line of Vaporescence eLiquids that you can’t find anywhere else. Our signature vape juice flavors are mixed by our flavor engineers to be both delicious and 100% safe. All of our eLiquids use only the highest grade of ingredients and are mixed in a controlled environment so it’s quality is guaranteed.

You like to vape and we like helping people vape. It’s a match made in heaven. Swing by our Hickory Creek vape shop today and we'll get you what you need! We’re conveniently located just off of US35, just North of NW 5th St.

New to vaping? Talk to our vape experts!

Not sure where to start? Have a jillion questions? Not a problem! The vape experts in our Hickory Creek vape shop are more than happy to show you the ropes so you can get everything you need to pick up vaping. Even if you’re not a novice and you want to get into sub-ohm vaping, our experts will help show you how to blow flipping gigantic clouds while staying perfectly safe. Heck, swing on by even if you just want to hang out and talk shop!

Premium Vape Equipment

No matter what level of experience you have with vaping, our vape stores are chock full of high quality vape supplies, mods, tanks, atomizers, and eLiquids so you can pick up what you need quickly and easily. Swing by our vape shop in Hickory Creek , TX to see it in person or check out our most popular products from the categories below.

premium eLiquid flavors


No matter how weird of a craving you have, we’ve got the eLiquid flavor for you.

vapor Mods


Get the type of vape hit you're chasing with our large selection of vape mods.

vape tanks


Maximize your airflow and vapor production with our high quality vape tanks.

RBA/RDA atomizers

RBA/RDA Atomizers

Create custom coils for a tailored vaping experience with these atomizers.

vape Batteries


We carry vape batteries from trusted brands like LG, Samsung, & Panasonic.

vaping Accessories

Vape Accessories

Keep your vape mod or pen running strong by picking up these vape accessories.

Vaporescence Hickory Creek, TX
1023 Hickory Creek Blvd
Hickory Creek, TX 75065
(940) 279-1214

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