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Customizing Your Vape Mod

Customizing Your Vape Mod

From the humble first e-cigarette, vaping has come a long way as far as devices go. Experienced vapers have sought ways to make the activity more suitable to their personal tastes, leading to the rise of customizable vape mods. The ability to have precision control over your vaping experience is one of the most appealing features of this hobby. And if you feel like you’re going to stick to vaping for a long time, customizing your vape mod is most likely going to be a part of your journey as well.

customizing your vape mode will present you with numerous options and challenges. You have options for batteries, tanks, and e-liquids. Rest assured you will have plenty of options to find the most suitable set-up for you.

Why Should I Customize my Own Vape Mod?

For most vapers, customizing their mods is one of the most interesting and exciting parts of vaping. Having numerous set-ups to choose from is just one of the main reasons for customization, but if you’re going to be more detailed about it, here are other things that a customized vape mod can offer.

You’ll Get Richer, Fuller Flavor

Vape mods come with more feature than your store-bought e-cigarette or the conventional vape pens. Vape mods carry variable wattages which give you the ability to control the temperature on the fly. You can make it as hot as the watts allow or settle for a cooler temperature. The result is that you can modify the richness of the flavor according to your heart’s desire. Most of the vapers who engage in customizing their mods would like a richer, fuller flavor, simulating the throat hit they get when cigarette smoking. If this is something you look forward to in vaping, customizing your own vape mod should do the trick.

Fine Tune Your Vaping Experience

Vaping is such a personal experience and correctly hacking the structure of your vape mod can result to a finer, tailored vaping experience for you. You can opt for longer-lasting batteries, switch tanks when desired and even go into the little details like picking out your favorite color. If you enjoy more vapor, as in those thick and fluffy white clouds, you can do so by adding more coils to produce more power and lowering the standard resistance of your device. Truly, nothing beats the feeling of vaping when you enjoy your own device.

Style vs. Comfort

Most ideal for users with rebuildable atomizers, using vape mods allows for endless customization that can spark the scientific and creative genius in each vape user. But aside from being able to tweak the DNA of your vape mod, you also look good vaping using one. Most vapers dig the industrial look with no wires and circuitries to distract the aesthetics of the whole device. Most of these mods come in gold, silver, chrome, red and other racy colors that just allow you to vape in style.

Furthermore, using customized vape mods make you more comfortable with vaping. Since you are able to increase the power, build coils and choose tanks, you are also able to minimize the efforts required for the upkeep and maintenance of your devices.

What Do I Need to Vape?

Although customizing your vape mod may seem like a complicated and overwhelming process, vaping devices typically have three basic parts: the battery, tank and e-liquid.


The battery is the vape’s power source. Batteries can come in different, size and amps but their role is one and the same – to be able to heat the atomizer in order to turn the e-liquid into vapor. It is highly important to choose the right batteries for your mod as it will ensure that your device will work perfectly and that you can vape safely.


Tank is the general term for the part of the vape which houses the e-liquid, coils and wicks. Tanks can come in different types like cartomizers, clearomizer, RBAs and RDAs. The tank of a vape is usually heat-resistant, but depending on the type of tank you choose and your style of vaping, selecting the best tank for the job is important to make vaping enjoyable and safe. You can check out our types of atomizers article to learn more. 


The e-liquid or juice is the liquid source of the vapor. It is composed of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring and nicotine (optional). It is important to choose the right level of nicotine and mix (PG/VG) ratio when selecting what e-liquid to vape.

Types of Batteries

Since using vape mods is an upgraded experience from vaping of typically cigalikes, it is important to determine the right batteries that would best meet your vaping demands. For vape mods, expect that batteries have to have higher power or amps, higher efficiencies and better chemistry. To guide you through numerous options for your vape mods, here are the types of batteries to choose from.

IMR (Lithium Manganese)

IMR is deemed to be the safest vaping batteries today. It contains nickel or manganese which makes its chemistry even safer, not anymore requiring the need for protective circuits that typically come with ICR batteries. IMR batteries are better in tolerating heat and stress and they are less likely to create violent vents in case of failure.


These batteries are less stable and safe and usually come with protective circuits. ICR batteries can vent dramatically in case of failure. ICR may have bigger storage capacities, but they are less reliable in delivering the required power for low-resistance vaping


Hybrids are as safe as IMR batteries and can store as much as ICR batteries. For vaping that demands more power, reliability and safety, hybrid batteries as well as IMRs are best options.

Safety is Everything

When it comes to building, customizing and using vape mods, safety can’t be overstated. It is recommended not to venture into vape mods unless you have gathered enough experience and understanding in vaping to ensure your own safety. Batteries, no matter how stable or safe they seem, can become unsafe when used or handled improperly.

For some vaping techniques, like vaping sub-ohm wherein you are potentially pushing the batteries to their limits, you run the risk of exceeding the amps indicated. This can lead to short-circuiting your device and has the potential to damage not just the battery and your mod, but can also explode, posing risks of injury and property damage on your part.

Why Getting the Right Battery Matters

Vaping won’t be as enjoyable and as safe without the right batteries. Imagine having to always worry if your device can fail and your battery can explode right in your hands if you opt for cheap, sub-standard batteries. Batteries are going to be great investments and if you handle and care for them properly, they will continue to be safe and efficient all throughout their lifespan.

Moreover, it is important to use the correct batteries for your coils. For instance, sub-ohm vaping which has the resistance of below 1.0 ohm, the device draws more power quickly than above ohm vaping. This means the batteries rapidly heats the atomizer and allows you to generate more vapor. Consider how demanding and strenuous this is your batteries. Without the right batteries, the device can fail and the batteries have the potential to explode.

It is the aim of the whole vaping community to make this hobby as safe and healthy for everyone, and picking the right battery is the first step to it.age not just the battery and your mod, but can also explode, posing risks of injury and property damage on your part.

What You’re Looking for in a Battery

Despite the difference in battery types, there are certain common grounds when you’re selecting or shopping for your vape’s batteries. These features provide more safety, storage and reliability to cater to the demands of your vaping style.


Batteries’ capacities are measured in maH (milliampere-hours). This tells you how much amps the battery consumes in an hour before you need to recharge it. Basically, the higher the indicated maH, the higher capacity it has and the less frequent you have to recharge it. Therefore, a battery with an indicated 2500maH can consume 2500 amps in an hour, after which, you will need to charge it in order to use it again. Using the battery’s capacity is a good comparison point when you are trying to decide between two or more batteries.

Current Rating

The battery’s current rating refers to the maximum current a battery can deliver without overheating. Remember, when the battery gets too hot, you might be overdoing it and you’re running the risk of explosion.

However, it is not good to just base your choice for the highest current rating that you can find. There are trade-offs between current rating and capacity. If you opt for a battery with higher current rating, you can expect that it has lower capacity. If you want to get the best of both worlds, take a look at how you vape and from there determine what you really need from your batteries.


Opt for batteries with higher voltage as this will provide “hard hits” when you vape. The harder the batteries hit, the more efficient it is delivering power to the coil, allowing you to create more vapor. For mechanical mod users, this is an advantage as there are higher current demands for them. Those who use devices with fixed voltage will also benefit from higher voltage batteries as they don’t have to work extra hard in order to create vapor.

Temperature During Operation

It is also crucial to pick batteries that run on low temperature during operation. Heat is an ever-present factor in vaping, but opting for batteries that can keep their cool while you vape provides that extra layer of protection against venting, even exploding.

Thankfully, you’ll find that most high voltage batteries have high capacities or high current ratings (or decent amount of both). As for temperature, it is always recommended to give your device some rest should your batteries begin to warm.

Charging: Do’s and Don’ts

Use the charging cable that came with your device. Some chargers may fit your device, but if the charger has higher voltage, your battery may over-heat and may result to short-circuiting. It is always safe to use the charger that came with your mod.

Do not leave your device unattended when charging. This doesn’t mean that you have to stare at your device until it is fully-charged, but it’s just safer to check every 30 minutes or so and be there when you’re done charging. This means you shouldn’t charge your device overnight as you might fall asleep and not be able to unplug your device when full.

Care & Upkeep of Your Vape Mod

If you’re consistently producing poor vapor and experiencing burnt taste, chances are, your vape mod is clogged with debris and e-juice build-up. This is bound to happen to all vape mods and getting into the habit of regular cleaning is so important to keeping them in prime condition and peak performance.

  • Schedule the cleaning of your vape mods once a week. Pick a lazy day when you can go about the cleaning routine without being harried by you next appointment. This way, you can really take your time inspecting all the components thoroughly.
  • Second, disassemble the parts of your vape mod. Make sure to have something to catch the tiny parts so you don’t accidentally lose them.
  • Take a cotton swab and dip into rubbing alcohol. Gently remove the juice build-up and debris from the tank. Don’t use isopropyl alcohol and other harsh chemicals to clean your mod. Also, don’t submerge any of the parts into water. This can damage your device and you will end up with an unusable mod.
  • Let the cleaned parts sit to air-dry or pat them dry with paper towel.
  • Assemble your vape mod unit.

It is also good to have some replacement tanks if you’re an avid vaper and if you like switching to different e-liquid flavors every now and then. This minimizes your upkeep efforts and having a spare tank means you can almost instantly vape without having to clean the first tank.

Periodically check the coils and see if the burnt taste still persists after you’ve cleaned out the tank. The coil may have reached the end of its lifespan and if you continue using it, you’ll get that burnt taste just the same.

Keep your tanks and atomizers away from direct sunlight. If you’re not using them, remove the liquid and clean them before storing. Direct sunlight can cause your tanks to leak if it has liquid in it.

Proper upkeep and maintenance are required to keep your mods in great condition and to make them safe for use. Following these simple tricks and keeping them in your routine is a great way to continue your vaping pleasure.

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