Cash Vape

Cash Vape "Franklin's MaiTai"
Slip away to the islands with this luxurious cocktail of tropical fruit. The Smooth, definite coconut inhale is followed by...
$ 8.00
Cash Vape "Grant's Cereal"
Everyone has a favorite cereal flavor, but we've taken this blend of breakfast vape to the next level by combining...
$ 8.00
Cash Vape "Hamilton's Soda"
Not even Hamilton's treasury could have funded the perfection behind our creamy, bubbly version of everyone's favorite old fashion drink....
$ 8.00
Cash Vape "Jackson's Parfait"
We outdid the Louisiana Purchase investing our resources into this uniquely crafted berry and peach yogurt treat. Savor the unmistakable...
$ 8.00
Cash Vape "Lincoln's Licorice"
Emancipate your inner child with this sweet and sour reminder of those always decadent red movie theater candy ropes. Honest...
$ 8.00
Cash Vape "Washington's Foster"
Our first president has served up a first class dessert that will keep you satisfied until the last drop. This...
$ 8.00

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