WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


Gummy Beast "White Gummy"
The name says it all. It’s 60mls of perfectly mixed e-liquid that taste just like a white gummy bear. Not...
$ 24.95
Saveur Vape's "Pacific Sanghai"
The best strawberry milk vape on the market. Get some.
$ 24.95
Blue by Saveur Vape
Your favorite blue treat in eliquid form. Vape it once, and your tongue will be screaming for more.
$ 24.95
Red by Saveur Vape
Your favorite red treat in eliquid form. Just vape it, your mouth will thank you.
$ 24.95
Stimulating by Saveur Vape
This complex blend of seven different berries and lychee is different than any liquid on the market. If you are...
$ 24.95
Revive by Saveur Vape
A perfectly balanced mixture of blueberries and limes. This eliquid is smooth and delicious and is sure to please.
$ 24.95
Saveur Vape "Golden Ticket"
The best chocolate milk vape ever created. Nuff said.
$ 24.95

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