Possum Trot

Possum Trot Cowardly Custard Eliquid
This bold, rich blend of creamy vanilla custard and pillowy marshmallow emboldens the palate of courageous and cowardly alike.
$ 22.00
Possum Trot Emerld City Pie Eliquid
A slice of this blend reveals tart lime accented by decadent cheesecake notes, presented atop a crisp graham cracker crust....
$ 22.00
Possum Trot Flying Monkey Eliquid
This aerial feat is accomplished is accomplished by combining ripe bananas, freshly chopped walnuts, blended with cinnamon and cardamom, baked...
$ 22.00
Possum Trot Melting Melons Eliquid
Freshly sliced watermelon, refreshing cantaloupe, and crisp honeydew melon, served chilled
$ 22.00
Possum Trot Munchkin Crunch Eliquid
Bite sized bits of cereal intermingle with handfuls of freshly picked strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries, carried in on a wave...
$ 22.00
Possum Trot No Peach Like Home Eliquid
An irresistible blend of hand picked peaches and apricots, topped with a honey drizzle glaze and nestled atop a bed...
$ 22.00
Possum Trot S'morenado Eliquid
A dangerously delicious spin on traditional tobacco, stacked atop melted chocolate, toasted marshmallow, and sandwiched between crisp graham crackers.
$ 18.00
Possum Trot The Nut Behind The Curtain Eliquid
Pulling back this curtain reveals rich, sweet notes of butter, brown sugar, and pecans. Served with a scoop of french...
$ 22.00
Possum Trot Witches Brew Eliquid
This cauldron contains luscious pears dusted with chai spice, accentuated by a handful of gooey marshmallows.
$ 18.00
Possum Trot Yellow Berry Road Eliquid
Expertly blended succulent blueberries with mouth puckering lemonade brewed to perfection.  This is a road well worth traveling.
$ 18.00

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