Bake 'N' Shake From OPMH
A freshly baked strawberry cupcake blended with rich vanilla ice cream to create a silky smooth dessert-lover’s dream. Primary Flavors:...
$ 24.95
Berried Treasure From OPMH
We stole our favorite Captain’s crunchy, fruity, berry cereal, but we only commandeered the fruity bits. He can keep the...
$ 24.95
Cherry Ice From OPMH
We didn’t think it could be done. An authentic, potent cherry flavor without the nasty cough syrup taste. We were...
$ 24.95
Green Breaker From OPMH
A delicious, traditional jawbreaker, infused with sour apple goodness.
$ 24.95
Lemon Bar From OPMH
You’ll be hard pressed to find a more accurate e-liquid representation of this favorite dessert you fondly remember from days...
$ 24.95
Strawstachio From OPMH
Sweet, tangy vanilla frozen yogurt, swirled with pistachio ice cream, and coated with a drizzle of strawberry sauce. Primary Flavors:...
$ 24.95

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