WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
E-Cig & E-cigarette Mods

E-Cig & E-cigarette Mods

Aegis Legend Mod by Geek Vape
The Geek Vape Aegis Legend 200W Box Mod is the second rendition of the epic Aegis series, integrating an update chassis to accommodate...
$ 56.95
AmeraVape Buster Mod
Features:-18500 or 18650 Battery -Hybrid Top Cap-Solid 364 Naval Brass Body-Brass Top and Bottom Cap-Recessed Magentic Brass Firing Button -Uses...
$ 135.00
Arias Oros Mod Copper 18650
This Arias Oros mod is one of the latest additions to the Arias line. This copper mod was sleekly designed...
$ 99.00
Aspire CF Mod Aspire CF Mod Sale
Aspire CF Mod
Aspire cf MOD battery supply intense power for low resistance atomizer. Compatible with: 18650 battery (battery not included) Charging: An...
$ 34.95 $ 14.95
Aspire Plato All-In-One Kit
Introducing the Aspire Plato. An all in one personal vaporizer and tank system that fits in the palm of your...
$ 70.00
Atmizoo Dingo SS
Features:-Custom-developed, fully mechanical switch with silver-plated brass contacts and a built-in safety lock.-Adjustable atomizer pin height.-100% original design – all...
$ 50.00
Atmizoo Guppy 16340
Features:- Manufactured in Greece by Atmizoo- Constructed from Solid 304-Grade Stainless Steel- Removable 510 Connector- Silver-Plated Brass Positive Contact- Solid...
$ 50.00
Atmizoo The Lab M 18500
Features:-Sturdy, refined top-side-mounted switch with silver-plated brass contacts and twist-locking functionality. The Lab switch is a smoother, more robust version...
$ 50.00
Baby Ness By "Venvii"
This unit is one of the smallest and most comfortable 20700 mods on the market! It also supports an 18650...
$ 64.95
Bay City Vapor BFM Mod Copper/Brass
Bay City Vapor XXIX mods are one of the most compact and hardest hitting mods on the market with a...
$ 99.00
Bay City Vapor XXIX - BR6 Mod Copper/Brass
Features:• Tube size: 22mm• Tube thread: M20X1• Tube size: 18650• Bottom negative contact: 101 Copper.• Top positive contact: None. Direct...
$ 99.00
Beyond Vape Beacon Mod
The telescopic Beacon Mod is the newest mechanical mod in the BV lineup. The Beacon is made out of aircraft...
$ 49.99


Whether you're new to vaping or you've been doing it for years, we've got you covered with our huge selection of vape mods. Mods are the heart of your vape device and their features can make or break your vaping experience. We carry all styles of mods from TC mods to vape pens and mechanical mods for the cloud chasers out there. No matter why you're vaping, we've got the mod for you.

Beginner Vape Mods

From beginner to highly advanced vape mods, Vaporescence carries every kind of vape mod you could possibly want. We carry trusted, proven brands like Kanger, Joyetech, Smok, Vicious Ant, Aspire, and much, much more! We know that you choose to vape with a mod because you want absolute control over your vaping experience. Features like temperature control, wattage, and airflow can be fine tuned to dial in your vape hits to be precisely how you like them.

Box Mods

Box mods are your basic vape mods. They’re essentially the next tier of mods right after vape pens. Their larger body construction allows for larger and multiple batteries to be used as well as sophisticated circuitry to allow you to customize its settings on a built-in menu screen. The screen size and number of options will vary from mod to mod and manufacturer to manufacturer, but this adds an additional layer of customization and flexibility that is hard to beat.

Temperature Control Mods

Temperature control mods, or TC mods, are even more sophisticated vape mods that allow you to control the temperature your mod fires at. Why would you want to do that? Firing at a higher temperature allows you to evaporate more eLiquid into vapor per hit which boosts not only the cloud production, but it also enhances the taste and flavor of each hit. What you’ll find out that’s very interesting is that your favorite liquid might taste completely different at a higher or lower temperature. These vape mods usually have additional buttons and larger screens on the body to help adjusting your settings a little bit easier.

Mechanical Mods

Mechanical mods are not for your average (or beginner) vaper. These devices are strictly for the tinkerer and advanced (if not expert) vapers that have both extensive experience vaping and a decent level of handiness as well. While mechanical mods allow you total freedom in building your mod, they also lack the built-in safety features that most other mods have right out of the box.

Sub-Ohm Mods

As the name implies, sub-ohm mods are vape mods that are built to fire with less than 1 ohm of resistance on the vape coils. The point of this is that when your coils are firing with lower resistances, they’re able to heat up faster and hotter which allows you to achieve a higher degree of flavor and cloud size than you would with a TC mod. However, like the mechanical mods, these are not for beginners so do you research and vape for a while before diving into the rabbit hole that is sub-ohm vaping.

How to Pick Your Next Vape Mod

If this is your first foray into vape mods, the number of options can be daunting. If you want to learn more about mods before buying, check out our vape mod primer. If you’re wanting to know the difference between vape devices, check out our vape device guide. And if you just want a list of solid choices, check out our list of best vape mods.

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