E-Pure Choc de Menth Eliquid
Rich, decadent chocolate, delicately blended with crisp mint and velvety cream, resulting in an indulgent experience from start to finish....
$ 18.00
E-Pure Cinnaroll Eliquid
Take a bite out of this scrumptious bakery blend to find yourself peeling back flaky layers of buttered dough infused...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Honey Black Tobac Eliquid
Fresh honey lends this blend a unique sweetness that stands in contrast to an inherently rich tobacco blend.  For those...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Kiwiberry Eliquid
Plump strawberries combine with succulent kiwis in this delightfully crisp blend that is sure to satiate even the pickiest sweet...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Layered Lemon Cake Eliquid
Taking a slice out of this blend reveals luscious layers of rich cream nestled between tiers of crisp, tart citrus...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Melon Ball Eliquid
This fruit medley has been hand picked and blended with the utmost care.  With crisp cantaloupe, sumptuous honeydew, and sweet...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Pure Y4 Eliquid
This crisp tobacco blend rests atop a bed of light, creamy caramel, complemented by a faint hint of bright vanilla. ...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Raspberry Limeade Eliquid
Cool off with this refreshing beverage blend.  With tart raspberries carried in on a wave of crisp lime undertones, this...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Strawberry Shortcake Eliquid
Crisp, succulent strawberries blended with rich cream, gently laid atop a bed of a feathery shortcake.  This Bakery blend makes...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Tropical Blend Eliquid
Imported from exotic locales across the globe, this blend combines the most delectably scrumptious island fruits into an unbelievably delicious...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Vanilla Custard Eliquid
Rich vanilla pairs with creamy custard to create a tantalizing dessert blend that is sure to please dessert lovers everywhere....
$ 18.00
E-Pure Yummy Gummy Eliquid
With a rush of mouthwatering sweetness, and pleasantly sour undertones, this blend offers everything that a handful of your favorite...
$ 18.00

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