E-Pure 5ive 5ifty 5ive Eliquid
This robust tobacco blend boasts a rich earthy flavor with subtle cocoa undertones.
$ 18.00
E-Pure Arctic Orange Eliquid
With an ice cold inhale and crisp orange exhale, this chillingly refreshing blend is sure to please.
$ 18.00
E-Pure Arctic Strawberry Eliquid
Ice cold menthol precedes rich, sweet strawberry in this bone chillingly delicious blend.
$ 18.00
E-Pure Banana Nut Muffin Eliquid
Combining all three ingredients in perfect harmony, this scrumptious bakery blend is sure to be your new favorite dessert. 
$ 18.00
E-Pure Bananaberry Smoothie Eliquid
Crisp strawberries and ripe bananas combine with cream to create an unforgettably delectable smoothie blend.
$ 18.00
E-Pure Berries & Cream Eliquid
Crisp blueberries, plump strawberries, and tart raspberries combine with cream to create this irresistibly delicious blend.
$ 18.00
E-Pure Blaine's Blend Eliquid
Years in the making, our mixologist’s top secret bakery blend has been released from the vault to intrigue the taste...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Bluebacco Eliquid
Fresh blueberries accompany crisp, sweet tobacco notes, combining to create this delightfully unconventional tobacco blend.
$ 18.00
E-Pure Blueberry Delight Eliquid
With a fresh from the oven taste, this blueberry bakery blend is sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.
$ 18.00
E-Pure Breakfast Blend Eliquid
Get a great start to your day with this tantalizing Cup of Joe. Robust Columbian coffee beans complemented by smooth,...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Bunches O Crunches Eliquid
This crisp, savory bakery blend provides you with everything you’ve grown to love about your favorite breakfast cereal.  Mouth lacerations...
$ 18.00
E-Pure Buttered Rum Eliquid
Smooth and rich rum, complemented by sweet and creamy butter, comes together to form a one of a kind beverage...
$ 18.00

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