Classified Delight Eliquid
An old fashioned Cobbler with a savory fruit filling prepared with ripe peaches and sweet berries crowned with a thin...
$ 5.00
Classified Fusion Eliquid
Fusion concentrates the very essences of refreshment and relaxation into a little e-liquid bottle, with it’s blend of fresh-brewed iced...
$ 5.00
Classified Indulge Eliquid
Take a moment for yourself and indulge in this savory blend of smooth vanilla custard and creamy pudding, aptly balanced...
$ 5.00
Classified Keen Eliquid
An invigorating blend of semi-sour kiwi and tart apple, which is rounded out by notes of sweet, succulent blueberry.
$ 5.00
Classified Plush Eliquid
Close your eyes and imagine you're back in Mom's kitchen with this divine dessert flavor as your mouth waters with...
$ 5.00

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