WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

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Founder's Collection Special Blend
A Vaporescence top seller for years! It’s a smooth tobacco blend that a cowboy in the country might use, but...
$ 18.00
Founder's Collection Shaded Sunset
Perfect tobacco blend with a sweet finish for anyone who prefer a “light” tobacco
$ 18.00
Founder's Collection NeoPort
Full flavored tobacco with notes of spearmint and a heavy menthol finish * (If we are out of stock in...
$ 18.00
Founder's Collection American Blend
Lighter tobacco blend with a mild sweetness that captures the American Spirit perfectly * (If we are out of stock...
$ 18.00
Founder's Collection Whatever's Cheapest
The name says it all. For anyone who prefers a generic or plain tobacco blend. * (If we are out...
$ 18.00
Founder's Collection Krush
Light menthol tobacco blend * (If we are out of stock in 60ml bottles, you may receive two 30ml bottles...
$ 18.00
Come And Vape It "Texas Suckleberry"
A succulent mixture of blueberries and honeysuckle. A taste that is sure to please any pallet.
$ 18.00

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